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The JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS' CLUB is publishing in his brilliant club magazine
JAGUAR ENTHUSIASTS' the most and the most interesting reports on
Big Cats / BIG JAGS. The > Classified Advertising < chapter with many colour
photos is a big temptation for all Jaguar-fans. BIG CATS of both series (chassis and monocoque) often are offered for reasonable prices.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
January 2002
Jaguar Mark X
BIG JAGS MK X –– Forgotten Jaguar
Robert Meyer is a MK X owner who has a
passion for these much maligned limousines.
JEC-member (editor) presenting his fully restored Swiss find.
Short report on visit to 40th anniversery at Harewood 2001.
Report and pictures on page 78.
(click on picture to enlarge)

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
September 2001
BIG JAGS Report and many pictures of Harewood 2001 event on 4 coloured pages. Unfortunately the BIG Saloons that came to see the 40th anniversery are not shown on the pictures (but the BIG JAGS editor does – see Harewood 2001 page).
Photo of Peter Mellor on picnic inside his beautiful Mk IX. A Piece of the Past: Father's Mk VII here seen on holiday around Devon 1951.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
August 2001
BIG JAGS Report and many colour photos of the Donington 2001 event on 9 colour pages. Unfortunately the participating BIG SALOONS are not shown (but the BIG JAGS editor does - see Donington page). Committee Cars: The Enthusist editor Nigel Thorley is lending his beautiful Mk VII to John Craven far making a movie.
Photo of the Jenkins family with their "concours Mk IX.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
July 2001
BIG JAGS 2 b/w-photos of the club owned Mk IX estate as it was new and shall look again after restoration when "back on the road".
Ambassadorial delight: Henk van Berg owns a very special Mk IX, with great colour picture. A wonderful rebuilt Jaguar saloon.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
May 2001
BIG JAGS Long term restauration project Mk VII M. Colour picture on page 17. Page 30/31 -chapter: A Piece of the Past. Report on Monaco Historic Grand Prix -participation with a Jaguar Mark VII , 5 b/w-photos

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
April 2001
BIG JAGS Category: Technical Topics. Title: Early Servo replacement. Page 48/49: report on a break system conversion at a Mark VIII, 12
colour pictures.
Page 50: Picture of the Swiss Club Tour, Mark 7 from Aargau

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
February 2001
BIG JAGS Advice to the Mark X – 40th anniversery.
Page 24/25 -quotation: We cannot finish without mentioning the
other 40th anniversary this year, for the Mk X saloon.......
We will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of this model at our National Northern Rally at Harewood, in July.
Colour picture of a Jaguar 420G with the remarks: Forgotten for
many years, the Mk X and 420G models will have their day this
year at Harewood in July.
Page 76-78 title: Monaco & Monte Mk IX Memories of a Monte-participant with colour photos

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
January 2001
BIG JAGS Page 11,12 -category: Club News. JEC at the Classic Car Show in Birmingham with diverse Mk 7/9. Photo: Mark IX estate.
Page 40-42 title: Big Cat by the Tail. Dennis Wilmot covers the purchase and restoration of his "big cat" 420G. (7 colour photos)

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
December 2000
BIG JAGS Category: The Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust "Home Page"
Page 16: Advise to ex- Queen Mothers Mark VIIM, license no:
464 HYV, Farbfoto (see Robson, page 128f and Thorley page 80).
Page 31: New badge bar on Thorleys Mark VIII
Page 61: Wire wheels on a Mark IX, Mark Kelly from Victoria, Australia, owns three Mark IX's (colour photo).
Page 68: photo Mark IX
Page 80-82 - title: Tales from Channel IX. Stories and experiences with a Mark IX Jaguar in New Zealand (report with colour pictures).

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
October 2000
BIG JAGS BIG JAGS on title: Le Mans 2000, pic of a Mark VIII on page 33.
Page 46-50 -title: Jaguar 530G - Battlecruiser? Robert Hughes
tells story of a V12 engine conversion to a six-cylinder car.
Report with 14 colour pictures of a 420G conversion to a 5,3ltr V12
(see modifications).

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
September 2000
BIG JAGS Axa Classic: Drive test of a Mk VII with colour pictures
on page 41/42.
Page 52-55: Harewood 2000, 50th anniversary of the
Mk VII with colour pictures, Mark IX estate.
Page 76: Colour picture of a 1956 Mark VII based in Scotland

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
August 2000
BIG JAGS BIG JAGS on title: Jaguar 2000 (Stafford Showground).
Page 12: photo of the editors Mark VIII.
Page 14: photo of a Mark VII
Page 34, category: A Piece of the Past, picture of the assembly
of one of the latest Mark IX, photo of assembly of one of the first
Mark X in 1961.
Undertitle: The tough ten. Mark X after cliff fall in 1966.
Picture showing how strong these old saloons were. She was parked on the cliff top in Brighton. Next morning she was found at the cliffs foot after coming down 50 feet. Found with the key in its lock and standing on its wheels; the damages nearly not to be seen, but the car would not start caused by the extreme moisturing with sea water during the night.
Page 46-49 -title: A Mark VIII convertible?
Report with 11 colour photos on shortening and opening of a Jaguar Mk 8 to a 2door convertible.
Page 68: photo of the Paris-Peking participant MkVII in "full rally trim". Picture taken at Donington race 2000.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
June 2000
BIG JAGS Category: Club Cars. Nigel Thorley's recent acquisition, a manual Mark VIII saloon from 1958
Double page with 4 colour pictures of a wonderful BIG JAGUAR

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
May 2000
Mark VII Saloon
BIG JAGS Title photo: Mark VII saloon.
Page 45: colour photo of a Mark VII
with information on Harewood 2000.
Page 52-61- title: MK VII 50th.
A Special Celebration.
A good and extensive report (10 pages) on series Mark 7 to 9 with 27 colour pictures and 7 b/w-photos, with advices for restoration. Author: Nigel Thorley

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
February 2000
BIG JAGS Title: Chrome Wire Wheels on a Jaguar Mk IX ?
Page 52/53: short report with b/w-photos from W. Windgassen.
Page 76/77 -title: Bang, Crash, Wallop! Pre - 68 Classic Banger racing with colour photos. Unfortunately also a Mark VII and seven Mark X were wrecked on this event.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
January 2000
BIG JAGS Category Club News: Another New Project
Report on page 19 with 4 colour pictures of a future
Club – restoring project, a 1959 Jaguar Mark IX estate

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
August 1999
BIG JAGS Title: Mk X. The Story of a Restauration.
Page 22-24: report and colour pictures of the restoration with opening the sills.
Page 72, category Jaguar Scale Models: Report on Mark VII –
1/43 scale models by Provence Moulage.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
June 1999
BIG JAGS Category: Jaguar Auction Report / Mark VII
Page 16 -quotation: The car I would have liked to take away
Page 52-56 –title: One Man's Meat, Nigel Thorley visits Peter Mellor. Report on the wellknown Mark IX and his owner, with colour pictures. Page 80,81 -category: Where's that JAG? Search of 3 Mk VII with colour photos.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
January 1999
BIG JAGS Title photo: Mark IX saloon.
Page 38-39 -title: The Cow. A big story on a big car.
Problems with BIG JAGUAR SALOONS when in a car wash.
Page 68: readers letter to the subject of selling oldtimer cars,
with colour picture of a Mark VIII.

Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
February 1997
Jaguar Mk VII

Category: Technic Topics. Report of a spring exchange on a Mark VII, with 17 pictures.




Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
September 1992
Jaguar Mark 7

Title photo: Mk 7




Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
October 1988
Jaguar Mark VII

b/w-title photo Mark VII
Comment on the title photo: The Mk VII saloon,
an often overlooked and neglected member of the Jaguar family



Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
November 1986
Jaguar 420 G

Coloured title photo of a Jaguar 420G.
Category: A Touch of History.
420G Saloons, 4 pages with short report
and b/w- pictures



Club magazine Jaguar enthusiast
June 1986
Jaguar Limousine

b/w-title photo: Jaguar 420G outside Harewood House during the JEC club event Harewood '86




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