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Donington 2001: 40th Anniversery
of XKE and Mark 10
(Part 1)
Co-organizer: The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club


In June 2002 the JEC as a co-organizer had invited for the traditional racing-weekend taking place at the famous Donington circuit very close to East Midlands Airport / Nottingham (GB).
In spite of the clubs special anniversery advertizing only disappointing 6 Big Saloons appeared at the side of the circuit.

So both days of this event looked to a BIG JAG-fan like an everage oldtimer racing spectacle with prominent guest as usual. But there
was a real highlight: The gigantic XKE- 40th anniversery meeting.

The Zagato was no Jaguar
As this Donington weekend was also including an Aston Martin – meeting, the editor got caught in a trap. When he suddenly realized a dreamlike bodied beauty, a phantastic Aston Martin Zagato, he immediately fell in love with her. Astonishing as it was no Jaguar.

Faszinating Drivers Camp
The preparations for the JEC races in the Donington drivers camp were really fascinating to see. So it happened that a Big Saloon-fan got carried away for making a nice series of drivers camp pics. Although no BIG JAGS were in the races.

The culmination: Ring of E-Types
Following the club informations they have never seen so many
JAGUAR XKE coming together on a JEC club event like in the infield of the Donington circuit at this 40th anniversery.
And you may believe or not - as the last of them entered the cicuit for the lap of honour, the first were already coming back. It was a really impressive final performance when a complete ring of JAGUAR E-Types was cruising on Donington circuit. What a wonderful picture, what a phantastic sound.


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