Visit at Jaguar-Restorer
Michael Gross in Berlin, Germany

In November 2002 we were spontaneous visiting
Michael Gross in his Berlin Jaguar restoring company
and we asked him if he was projecting any JAGUAR BIG SALOON -restoration.
Michael Gross is owner of an unfinished Mark 9 –restauration project, and he has all necessary parts for it as well as another Mk 9 serving as parts car.

A partial restoration of the BIG SALOONS Mk 7 to Mark 9 he is judging as not easy and we agree that also in England the parts situation is not the best. But as a professional restorer he is knowing how to help himself.
Finally Michael Groß was so kind to allow us having a look inside his very well equipped Jaguar parts store. He is storing so many Jaguar parts as he is in the restoring business since many years and all the time was thinking of possible needs in the future.

The tour around the Gross company was showing diverse automobile highlights as well as memorabilia.  
We also got the chance to have a look inside the companies photograph album and we found some old pictures that we were allowed to scan for this website.

As relevant Berlin-NEWS we received a brochure of the new "Meilenwerk"- project, as well as the information, that Michael Gross was securing the future oft his restoration company: After completion of the exclusive "MEILENWERK"– project at Wiebestraße in Berlin-Wedding the Gross company will move to this very new, very attractive and very special place, the "Forum for Driving Culture".

We thank Michael Gross for guiding us on his company tour and giving us all asked information.

Teddy Teske & Robert Meyer


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