Jaguar-Restorer Michael Gross
moving to MEILENWERK Berlin

From the middle of year 2003, the new domicile for Jaguar-restorer Michael Gross will be the exclusive MEILENWERK in Berlin.

As the German oldtimer automobile magazine "Oldtimer Markt" was reporting in its September 2002 issue, the Berlin oldtimer-scene is getting a dream come true with the new "FORUM FOR DRIVING CULTURE", that will have a total extension of 16.000 square meters and in addition will be classified as a historical monument.
The complete report in German language you find via: (press).

The MEILENWERK brochure is worth mentioning for BIG JAG-fans as showing something special:

With the selection of a rusty red Jaguar Mark 9 the title photographer Martin Mohr and car owner Michael Gross have improved exquisite taste particularly as the reowned restorer had been able to show numerous other desirable objects

BIG JAGS is wishing the success to the new MEILENWERK-project that is needing and that it surely deserves in the interest of the Berlin oldtimer-fans.