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BIG JAG-Tales / Big Saloon for free


The Cambridge Jag-Collecting Tour

December 2002: Via "saloon-lovers list" a JAGUAR Mark X was offered to carry "for free". Short phonecall with friend Bernie: We travel to England. The one who's paying the ferry tickets will be the new owner of the car. Direct contakt to the owner: The JAG is waiting for us. Photos will come per e-mail. As it is a RHD, it fits better to Bernies collection than to mine. We take our small '84 Mercedes-truck and here we go. In short distance to the ferry: Police control. 2 Policemen on motorbikes guide us to the last motorway service area service before Calais. A group of Policemen in civilian clothes are checking us and even rummage through our picknick basket. Do we both old men (together 120years old) really look like terrorists? Then follows cross-examination in front of running TV-cameras. Where come from, where to go? Carrying a car? Where are the papers? No papers? Unbelievable. Foreseeing as I am I have all the e-mail correspondence with me. After 20 minutes they believe our story and let us go. Mk X owner Tony has booked two rooms for us in his Cambridge neighbourhood. After a short look the door of "Aaron's" is slammed to our noses. We understand that we have the wrong parents. At 9pm we ring at Tony's and have a warm welcome in his family-Tony is successful with two new rooms by phoning another address.

Tony's goodbye

From truck to truck
With own power
and own smoke

After an excellent breakfast with my favourite grapefruit slices we meet Tony next morning and drive to the garage. The arranged fork lift truck is able to come within 20 minutes, but who likes to wait. With the garages own breakdown vehicle the Ten is lifted and easily transferred to our truck. Lashing up the car paying the helpers and off we go back to the Channel ferry. Many thanks to Tony. He is invited to Germany.

Bernie's grin

Here we come

Is it all right?

Bernie finding engine

Super dashboard

Interior-not bad

Proud Bernie with new old Ten

Rare: Ten with tow bar

During our way home Bernie is ordering a low loader-trailer from his neighbour via mobile phone, for unloading the Jaguar next morning. He has decided to pay and so be the new owner of the car. We go back home by changing the driver several times and reach Bernie's home South of Hamburg at next morning 4am. Sleeping until 10am, having breakfast, unloading and admiring our catch. Bernie's meaning: too good for wrecking. The JAG shall become his everyday car. Have fun!
We seem to be a bit tired, but this again was such a crazy little adventure for two older gents - just as we want it.
Bernie: We probably could do it again.
- Robert Meyer & Hans-Bernhard Backhaus -


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