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BIG JAG-Tales / Joseph P. Bairds BIG Saloon Story

Joseph P. Baird sent his report on his
personal BIG SALOON -experience
(first page):

I had wanted to buy a hobby car for a long time. I imagined buying a sports car of some type. Then I narrowly avoided a serious speeding ticket in my everyday car, and decided that when I bought a hobby car, it should be something large and stately, so I would not get in trouble with it. I looked at Rolls Royce and Bentley, and although there are some rough ones here that I could afford, I found out that the parts are extremely expensive. $1000 for a starter motor, $5000 for an axle. And so I thought of the big Jaguars. And the parts are very reasonable. In some cases no more than an everyday car. $90 for a set of piston rings, $100 for a complete engine gasket set.
While I was learning about these cars, (I had never seen one) I assumed that I would put a modern engine in whatever I bought, because I grew up making fun of the unreliable Jaguar. A friend of mine said, "If you like Jaguars, you should talk to the older gentleman in my town, he knows all about them. He has a dozen."
So I went to see the gentleman, and he took me on a two hour tour of his cars, explained the history and background of each one, where they came from, etc. And as he talked and explained, his love of these cars shone through. Most of them would never run again, but he still knew all there stories. He explained the beautiful engines, how they ran so well, and were so dependable. When I mentioned wanting to use a modern engine, to make it more reliable, he laughed and said that the engine was the best part of the car, and that if you took care of them, they would run forever. So I decided that I would NOT swap the engine if I ever found a car.
That very afternoon on the internet, I saw an advertisement for a 1955 Mark VII Type "M". It was located 1000 km away. First I had to e-mail the son then talk to the son, and then I was permitted to talk to the father who owned the car. He sent me pictures and we had long talks on the telephone.
… be continued......


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