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BIG JAG-Tales / Swiss-connection MK10


Martin - our Swiss-connection
(The Swiss Mk 10 -find)

Autumn 1996: Hannah and me, we are visiting the Aargau in Switzerland. Brother (in law) Martin is making the proposal for a walk to town. It is not a far way to the City center of Muri and it is guiding us near to the old Central-Garage, a former car repair and tire service. The old workshop is filled with ancient cars and further more we find sleeping in the yard. The only thing interesting me (except a "not for sale" blue Chevelle convertible) is a rounded backside Jaguar window – nothing more to be seen of the car. I am allowed to enter and do not find the expected Mark 2 Jaguar, but a much too big battleship, I have never seen before. My curiosity is awake now. Mark 10? Never heard, never seen. As a private car? Not much interesting to me at that moment. But my business instincts were also awake now. As a business car with a special note she definitely would make a good figure. Reserved elegance in combination with impressive size: my car-crazy Russian customers would be enthusiastic if I would carry them from the airport with that car. Marriages, photo-shootings, oldtimer events, everything would be possible. Two days of negotiations, then a deposit was made for the Mark 10 and a shipping date in January was agreed. Of course, Martin is the one to blame for what happened. He proposed to take a walk and so without him I would never have found my Mark 10.

Jaguar Mk 10 In January 97 Martin again is guiding us at the shipping date. He is moving the Schwager Martin
battleship on the trailer by turning the winch and he is lending a hand wherever he can.

Martin's "Masterspiece" (pdf-Document, 920 kb) must be impressive for every gardener. Thank you Martin.

Late Summer 2001: In Muri we are back again. Martin is helpful in finding the preowners of the Mark 10. Preowner Burger is guiding us to pre-preowner Piffaretti, who is surprised and enjoys to see his old toy again in such an excellent condition. He remembers having driven the JAG for only one year and he still knows the name of the person who sold it to him. Further he remembers a capital engine break-down and the following engine exchange. He also has a surprise for us: He still owns the original toolkit of the Big Saloon and finds it in his horse stable. And you may believe or not, he is giving it to the actual car owner as a present. Many thanks for that from our hearts, Angelo! This is great!

Jaguar Mk 10 restauriert Preowner Burger admiring his old car

Jaguar Mk 10 restauriert
Pre-preowner Piffaretti doesn't
want to get out again
Jaguar Mk 10 restauriert
visit at prominent motorbike
racing team "Egli"

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