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Sponsoring + Imprint


The BIG JAGS -Sponsoring & Imprint

Private Fan Website is a private fan website without any commercial interest.
All naming of sources of supply are made without prejudice and exclusively provides information to all interested BIG JAGUAR SALOON owners for the preservation of their historically built cars. The publication of private pictures and information concerning the subject of this website is done without any charge.

Website Sponsoring
As this continuously growing big saloon website permanently involves considerable cost, the BIG JAGS Editor and his BIG JAGS Programmer would be pleased to receive help from donators and sponsors.
If you wish to make a donation, the Editor´s bank details can be obtained below.

Ask for bank account:

Our sponsors and donators will be listed by their donation date on a special BIG JAG donations list. This is done without mentioning the amount of the contribution. Links to sponsors websites can be arranged. Find our list via the following link:
BIG JAGS donations list

Please note, that BIG JAGS is not a club and has no charitable status. We would be grateful for a donation, but please bear in mind, that we are unable to issue a receipt. Many thanks.


Editor and responsible for the contents of
these pages:

Dipl.-Ing. K. Robert Meyer
Bliesdorfer Straße 29
D-23730 Schashagen
phone: + 49 - 45 64 - 90 00 77

Dipl.-Ing. K. Robert Meyer (born 1947) is an Engineering Graduate from the University of Applied Science
in Lübeck and since 1976 General Manager of
H.F. MEYER GmbH & Co KG, D-23730 Neustadt in Holstein, Germany.
He is also a Classic Car enthusiast and as such is the Editor of these web pages.


Web Design and Programming:
Gaby Klein
Kornträgergang 27
D-20355 Hamburg
phone: + 49 - 40 - 35 25 48

Gaby Klein (born 1967) is working as
a freelance Graphic and Web Designer
in Hamburg.



Our Web-Team
Gaby Klein (design, programming) and Robert Meyer (text) have already made several successful web pages in excellent teamwork, continously updating them.

Company webpages:


No Responsibility for the Contents of Links
The editor does not take on any responsibility for the contents of any other linked webpages you may reach from this website. These strange webpages may contain offers and information on which the editor has no influence. If you should know
about illegal contents of other webpages you can reach from this website, please
point it out to us.
This declaration is valid for all links on this web presentation.

Publication of Contributions
The publication of your contributions is done without any liability and obligation for
the editor and only he is entitled to decide what to publish on this website.

Sending of Contributions
The sending and the return of word contributions and pictures has to be always free
of charge for the editor. A return will only be possible, if a correct addressed envelope with sufficient postage is added.

As these Webpages are especially working at the preservation of
cultural possessions of automobile technology, they are sponsored
by H.F. MEYER GmbH & Co KG and Gaby Klein readygo design.

This website is existing since: 2001-11-07
We thank our numerous visitors,
giving us 26,062,582 hits until 2012-03-31.

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Firma H.F. MEYER GmbH & Co KG
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