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BIG SALOONS - Parts Catalogues, Parts Procurement and Private Parts Market

[Parts Catalogues]
[Private Parts Market]

Privater Teilemarkt


Parts Catalogues

Official Jaguar Parts Catalogues (Originals and Reprints)

Jaguar Cars Limited, Coventry, England

Spare Parts Catalogue

Jaguar Mk X Teilekatalog

Suppliers- and Dealers Parts Catalogues

SNG Barrat Group Ltd

The Definitive Jaguar Owners Parts Catalogue
MK7, MK8, MK9, MK10, 420G

Jaguar Limousinen Teilekatalog


Worcester Classic Spares

Jaguar Mark 7, Jaguar Mark 8, Jaguar MarkJaguar Mark 9 Teilekatalog


Xks UNLIMITED also offering complete cars in the Internet, by chance you may find BIG JAGUAR SALOONS.

The shown XKs UNLIMITED Catalogue came as a gift from the Jaguar Enthusiast and saloon-lover Micah Wellman, USA. Thank you Micah, you payed a lot of postage.


Oldtimer Veteranen Shop GmbH
Am Kalkofen 6
D-65510 Idstein, Germany


JAGUAR Parts Suppliers (found by advertising or in the web)

Martin Robey Sales Ltd


David Manners Ltd


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Private Parts Market

The publication of private offers including BIG SALOON parts is free of charge.
This is a special service to BIG JAG fans by the editor.

Please let us know immediately if parts are sold, because we have to wipe off the information.

Hans-Bernhard Backhaus (Germany)
fax: +49 41 73 / 62 18
H.- B. Backhaus has wrecked several
Mk 10 and 420G. Now he is the owner
of a well equipped private store of
Article: MK X love

 Henning Reichmann (Germany) is offering:
Differential drives of MK10, different reductions, complete restored or overhauled, as well as diverse parts for MK10 rear axle, e. g. frames, drive shafts etc. Infos via e-mail. Price for all parts negotiable.

Privater Teilemarkt
Privater Teilemarkt Privater Teilemarkt Privater Teilemarkt

 Thomas Stromski is offering:
MK10 and 420G parts, silencers,
new old stock, 4+1 overdrive gear,
automatic coupling with disc, gear housing,
LHD dash board with all instruments,
some further dashboard spares, petrol flaps,
diverse light parts, steering column with steering wheel,
drive shaft with Cardan joint, radiator grill, radiator,
ignition coil, petrol filter, alternator with servo pump,
break servo, bonnet, etc.
All parts can be used, no scrap, to be sold only complete, price €1600.-   phone: 0049 2 21- 9 79 30 30

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Parts Suppliers and Service Companies (restoration including parts procurement)

The naming of companies in this category is dependent on the information, that the supplier has already delivered or obtained parts for BIG JAGUAR SALOONS. Some of these companies may only deliver their parts in connection with further services like installation of parts or restoration of the car. So please do not mix up SERVICE COMPANIES with PARTS SUPPLIERS. As it is not possible to improve all claims, the information on this page is given with the reservation of being not responsible in any case of false statement of any company.
If the editor has already visited or successfully tested a company, it will be remarked.

Parts Procurement (only in connection with
restoration/ installation)

Stevie's Garage
Stevie's Garage
Parts procurement
successfully tested by editor.

Automatic conversion für BIG SALOONS
Convert your Classic Jaguar to an
XJ40 4speed Automatic Transmisssion

Interiors for Mk10 and 420G

Jaguar colour schemes for leather interiors

 Rare Rubber Spares for BIG JAGUARS

 Used JAGUAR parts from the    Netherlands

Dear BIG SALOON enthusiast, we surely would appreciate your recommendations of further companies meeting our subject!

Companies who are interrested to be listed for free in this category of our BIG JAG webpages should be experienced in supplying BIG JAGUAR SALOON parts. They should prove their claim with pictures added by detailed information in what they are able to supply. Please send your offer via the following e-mail address:


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