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Rebuilding, Full Restoration and Partial Restoration

Everybody who was not lucky enough to find a perfect BIG SALOON, will enjoy the recommendations for restoration and rebuilding of his BIG JAG given for free from experienced saloon-lovers via this webpage.
On this page we distinguish between recommendations of restoration companies
and tips for your own restoration efforts given by our visitors.

[Restoration and Servicing Companies]
[Restoration-Tips and Examples of Private BIG JAG Restorations]


Restoration and Servicing Companies

The naming of companies in this category is dependent on the information, that the supplier has already fully or partly restored BIG JAGUAR SALOONS. As not being able to improve all these claims the information on this page is given with the reservation of the editor, being not responsible in any case of false statement of any company. If the editor has already visited or successfully tested a company, it will be remarked.


Michael Groß Berlin, Germany

Michael Groß Berlin

Jaguar Mark IX
  Michael Groß
Service and Restoration
Your Specialist for classic Jaguar models in Berlin
SS100, XK 120, XK 140, XK 150, C-Type, E-Type, S-Type, MK2
  Restoration of Jaguar series: Mark 7 to Mark 9
  Test reports of the BIG SALOONS
Jaguar Mark 8 and Jaguar Mark 10 (Download in German language)
  Pictures of new domicile
inside Meilenwerk Berlin:
Michael Groß JAGUAR
  Editors report:Visit at the Jaguar-Restorer Michael Groß in Berlin
  Editors report:Jaguar-Restorer Michael Groß moving to MEILENWERK Berlin


Stevie's Garage

Stevies Garage

Restoration of series:
Mark 9 and Mark 10

Stevie's Garage Teilrestauration
  Partial restoration of a Jaguar Mark 10 successfully tested by
the editor.


Eichenhof Garage

Eichenhof Garage
Peter Lalli-Kahnke
24561 Bad Bramstedt, Germany

Eichenhof Garage
Restoration of series:
Mark 7 - Mark 9
(restored MK 9
from the Eichenhof Garage)


Alex's Aluminium Polish Service
for Jaguar-cylinder heads

Alex Alu-Polierservice


We surely would appreciate your recommendations of further
companies meeting our subject!

Companies who are interested to be listed for free in this category of our BIG JAG webpages should be experienced in restorating our beloved JAGUAR BIG SALOONS. They should prove their claim with pictures added by detailed information in what
they are able to supply. Please send you offer via the following e-mail address:


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Restorations-Tips and Examples of Private BIG JAG Restoration


Ron McGrice

  420G Restoration
Australian rebirth
of a BIG-JAG


Photos of Mark 7 restoration in Finland

FiBoy's Jaguar Home


Jaguar Mark VII


Tips for veneer processing


  Tech-Info-Find of Jyri from Finland to the subject of veneer processing
(pdf-Dokument, 690 kb)



Mark X Wiring Diagram,
(Acrobat pdf format,
courtesy of Lee Walden)



Micah Wellman (Hollister, CA) reporting on
his Jaguar Mk X - restoration


In July 1982, I was looking forward to finally receiving my driver's license. I was also looking forward to the arrival of my second car. A year or so earlier, I received my first car, a 1971 Ford Maverick, which I still drive to this day.



  Restoration photos of a Mark 10 Jaguar from Neil of New Zealand


Jaguar Mark X


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